Numerical Solution of fuzzy differential equations of nth-order by Adams-Moulton method

Document Type: Research Articles


Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran


In recent years, Fuzzy differential equations are very useful indifferent sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology and economy. It should be noted, that if the equations that appear to be uncertain, then take help of fuzzy logic at these equations. Considering that most of the time analytic solution of such equations and finding an exact solution has either high complexity or cannot be solved, we applied numerical methods for the solution. The topics of fuzzy differential equations have been rapidly growing in recent years. So far, many methods have been presented to solve the first-order differential equations. Not many studies have been conducted for numerical solution of high-order fuzzy differential equations. In this research, first, the equation by reducing time, we become the first-order equation. Then we have applied Adam-Moulton multi-step methods for the initial approximation of one order differential equations. Finally, we examine the accuracy of method by presenting examples.