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Research Articles

1. Application of semi-analytic method to compute the moments for solution of logistic model

Pages 1-18

MohammadAli Jafari

2. Nonlinear Viscosity Algorithm with Perturbation for Nonexpansive Multi-Valued Mappings

Pages 1-22

Hamid reza Sahebi

3. An approximate method for solving fractional system differential equations

Pages 1-17

Mohammad Adabitabar Firozja; Bahram Agheli

4. Neutrosophic-Cubic Analaytic Hierarchy Process with Applications

Pages 1-14

Muhammad Gulistan; Ismat Beg; Muhammad Asif


Pages 1-16

M.J. SALEHI; Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani

6. A new method for solving two-dimensional fuzzy Fredholm integral equations of the second kind

Pages 1-12

Mohsen Darabi; Nouredin Parandin; Mahmoud Paripour; ali Seifi

7. Using finite difference method for solving linear two-point fuzzy boundary value problems based on extension principle

Pages 1-18

Seyed Majid Alavi

8. An extension of stochastic differential models by using the Grunwald-Letnikov fractional derivative

Pages 1-20

MohammadAli Jafari; Narges Mousaviy

9. Best Proximity Points Results for Cone Generalized Semi-Cyclic φ-Contraction Maps

Pages 1-15

Marzieh Ahmadi Baseri; Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani; T. D. Nrang

10. The existence and uniqueness of the solution for uncertain functional differential equations

Pages 1-18

Nazanin Ahmadi; Samira Siahmansouri

11. Strong algebrability of C^* algebras

Pages 1-22

Alireza Soleimani

12. Skew Cyclic Codes Of Arbitrary Length Over R=Fp[v]/(v^2^k -1)

Pages 1-17

Alireza Soleimani

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